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Portraits and Tales from

a Hospital Bed series

I started this series from my hospital bed in December 2020, during recovery from my ovarian cancer diagnosis nine months previously. One morning, immersed in the daily hive of activity around handover time, when everyone moves in a whirl that's faster than the flurry of work throughout the day, I decided to draw. I wanted to capture the atmosphere that I witnessed, both this week and back in April just after my diagnosis. Each artwork I hope to share has a different reflection, or story behind the portrait. As the day progressed, I was in awe watching the incredible teamwork, and the united 'help each other out' spirit. Patients lie there, waiting for results, anxious perhaps, waiting for procedures, investigations, in pain perhaps, and all around is this whirl of dedicated, self-sacrificial service. Like bees working together, every person does their bit, often in great time pressures and under great demand. The links fit together, so the chain works, and delivers for us, their patients. Porters.. scans...birth and name checks...ward bays...reports to ward nurses...emails...calls...junior doctors to consultants...consultants to patients...

And this is our NHS.

Please click on the button below to read the tales behind the portraits.

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